Bryan Jeremiah: Unfortunate Republican Party Felt Mistakes are Insurmountable

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Bryan JeremiahBy Bryan Jeremiah – I thank God that you can learned from your mistakes even if it takes a while to get it right. That one day you hope you can move forward. I made many mistakes as a young man and regret every one. I make no excuses for what I have done and I was very transparent about that.

Unfortunately some of what was reported was not true. I have paid for these mistakes and I have learned that the choices we make will never truly leave us and often affect us for life. I really wanted to make a difference in our community and decided to run knowing there was a chance that my past would be brought up, but the idea of doing nothing was worse.


Unfortunately the Republican Party felt that my past mistakes were too insurmountable an obstacle to overcome and I was informed that they would not endorse me or recognize me as a member of the party and so I was asked to withdraw from the race. So to honor the party and the people in our community I humbly withdrew as candidate.

I have spent years trying to put the past behind and build a future for my family, and the opportunity to serve the people in my community and have their voices heard was so important I decided to run. I have been blessed beyond measure with a wonderful loving wife of 20 years, 5 awesome children and 4 grandchildren.

I have had a wonderful career with a great company, was blessed to buy my own home, served the people in our community, worked for the government, and served in my church as an associate Pastor. I believed that we could make a difference in our community, and so did many others. My hope was that a changed man would find acceptance among his peers and opponents and be afforded an opportunity to represent his community with no other intention than the desire to make a difference.

I am responsible for the action of my past and I understand that those actions have consequences. I thank the many who stood behind me and believed in me despite the past, those who know who I am today and not the man from the past. I apologies to my community if I have caused anyone grief and I thank my family for standing behind me.





  1. Not to worry, even ole Clive Bundy has abandon the GOP, I guess he feels being branded a Republican would reflect too negatively on him. Being abandon by the GOP looks like a favorable turn for you.

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