Build Rail Better

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BY KIRK CALDWELL – As you know, I support rail transit. I’ve been working to bring it to reality for years.

Yesterday, I held a press conference to call for a modification to the contracting process for the design of the Phase IV/City Center stretch of the rail transit line.


I am asking that a review be done with community input to see where more appropriate design can be implemented, and more cost savings may be possible.

Done properly, this review should not result in any delay to the project’s final completion, nor will it go beyond the framework established in the Federal EIS. The review will provide a critical last look at station locations, architecture, visual impacts and other considerations of the in-town segments of the rail transit project.

Ben Cayetano’s single-minded mantra is “just say no.”  Peter Carlisle’s view is “my way or the highway.” I’m saying “build rail better.” We can and we must find common ground to address legitimate concerns from our community to make rail more acceptable for more people throughout our island.

A big part of “building rail better” is listening to the people. Many of their worries are legitimate…this is a very expensive project; their concerns need to be heard, answered and addressed. And as construction enters Honolulu’s urban core, and some of the oldest and most historic portions of our city, we need to take extra care to ensure that we are being true to our community roots.


For examples of how we can build rail better and to read my full statement:

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