California Also Seeing Division Along Racial Lines

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What you in your oped – “Happy Birthday, Hawaii – Some of Us Still Remember” — describe sounds much like what is going on where I live in the Santa Ynez Valley of southern California. (I actually live in Buellton, and soon to live about 3 miles up in Solvang, both of which are part of the valley.)

We are enmeshed in a controversy involving the Chumash Casino, which wants to expand and acquire more land. It’s the same deal: People who have some Chumash blood are jumping on the bandwagon and the people of the Valley are realizing that the racial guilt card is wearing old. We have several celebrities who are opposed to expansion of the Casino, which in its present form has already brought much traffic and crime to the Valley. Among these celebrities are Bo Derek and David Crosby.


The other problem we have in California is the small percentage of the Mexican populace who demand bilingual education and open borders. As you know, this state is Left-wing central but now even many of these people are realizing that the demand to which they have long acceded have nothing to do with equality but reverse racism which ultimately brings us all down. What’s sad is that it seemed we almost had it right at the end of the ’60s and that Martin Luther King’s dream was becoming a reality but sadly, militant “Multiculturalism” took over and we drove right past the Promised Land off into the sea of segregation.

Your article was a good, succinct piece of journalism and my advice is always be civil, but stand your ground and realize that you cannot compromise with militants.

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