Calling All Warrior Goddesses

(and those who want to be)


What if you could summon the fiery, truth-telling, wild and free part of you — whenever you really needed her?photo_WarriorBirds

And, what if doing so helped you more fully access your vulnerable, creative and passionate sides?


The truth is when you reawaken your “Warrior Goddess” you access a part of you that is free, powerful, and radically authentic.

If you’re ready to activate your authentic qualities and free up energy currently held hostage, I’m thrilled to invite you to a free virtual event with bestselling author, HeatherAsh Amara: Summon Your Warrior Goddess: Activate Your Strength & Vulnerability to Release Your Past & Come Home to Yourself.

Learn more and reserve your free seat by navigating HERE

Direct, honest and unapologetically real, HeatherAsh will show you how to have the courage to be audaciously YOU.

During this liberating hour you’ll:

  • Recognize strength and vulnerability as two sides of the same coin, embracing each equally;
  • Understand how shamanic tools can help you release your past and recapture your energy;
  • Learn how to stop abandoning yourself through breath practice to bring you back into the moment.

If reclamation of your primal power feels important to you — especially during these increasingly fractious times — you’ll love HeatherAsh’s virtual event.

She merges wisdom from ancient shamanic and priestess lineages with modern psychology and some practical straight talk!

Embracing yourself, in all your glory (and imperfections), is not only the greatest gift you can give yourself, but the best gift you can give to your family and the world.

A downloadable recording will be provided later to all who register, whether or not you listen to the scheduled event.

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