Capitol Pond Muck? We Have The Solution!

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Everyone knows what’s been stinking up the Capitol since KITV4’s special on the reflecting pond this past week. Millions of dollars to clean up this mess? Definitely not affordable. But what if for thousands of dollars we could transform the reflecting pool into a colorful water garden?

And train existing maintenance staff to take care of it? Water plants feed on decaying debris like fish poop, so it would create a sustainable, low maintenance ecosystem. Hyacinth and other water plants have a tried and true track record. Lanai uses water plants at their sewage treatment center.


Mulkern Landscaping has been growing water plants, installing them and creating water features for over 15 years. Our Waimanalo Nursery is full of beautiful water lilies and shallow water bog plants that bloom year round. Our seasonal lotus has gained a cult following.

Give us a chance to prove to you that this is a beautiful, effective solution for the fish, the smell, and the standing water in your reflecting pond.

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