Case Against Maui Prosecutor’s Office Dismissed

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REPORT FROM MAUI PROSECUTOR – On October 17, 2012, United States District Judge Susan Oki Mollway ruled in favor of the County of Maui in the case of Jacki Jura v. County of Maui et al.

The Plaintiff in the suit, Jacki Jura, was a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney for the County for approximately one year. After she was terminated for poor performance in 2007, Jura filed suit against the County as well as former Prosecuting Attorney Benjamin Acob and former Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Marie Kosegarten.


Jura’s suit alleged that she was discriminated against based on gender, disability and pregnancy, and also that she was exposed to a hostile working environment. However, Court found all her claims were without merit and granted summary judgment to the County, Acob and Kosegarten.

The County and Acob were represented by Deputy Corporation Counsel Richard B. Rost. Kosegarten was represented by Joachim Cox, Robert Fricke and Kamala Haake of the Honolulu firm Cox Fricke. Jura was represented by William Deeley and John Winnicki of the Honolulu firm Deeley King Pang & Van Etten.