Case vs. Akaka: Running Even in the Polls-National Poll Shows Iraq War, Economy, Voters’ Top Concerns, Case Says Akaka Still Refuses to Debate These Issues

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Congressman Ed Case and Senator Dan Akaka are running even with 43 days left to the primary election, a national polling company says.

Rasmussen Reports surveyed 500 likely Hawaii voters on August 7th. The results were Akaka 47 percent, Case 45 percent, 8 percent Undecided.



Rasmussen Reports noted:

“With a little more than a month to go in the primary battle, the contest is either candidate’s to win.”

“That’s a surprisingly narrow margin for [Akaka.]”

“Case slightly edges out Akaka on overall favorability ratings.”

The report also noted that Iraq and our economy are the top two issues for Hawaii voters.

Case says:

“I agree that these are among the crucial issues for Hawaii voters’ consideration in this vital election. I want to stand up with my opponent on statewide media and across our state and debate these issues so that voters can make their choice.

“I say directly to Sen. Akaka: Come out from behind your army of high-priced D.C. consultants and Hawaii spokespeople and your attack ads, and speak for yourself. Face the voters with me, uncensored and directly, as I have done throughout my career, am doing in this campaign, and want to do with you, and as any good and effective U.S. Senator must do in the United States Senate.”

Akaka has steadfastly declined all such opportunities. He declined another one yesterday, this to appear with Case on Town Square, a long-running radio call-in show broadcast statewide on Hawaii Public Radio and web-streamed simultaneously.