Cayetano Genuinely Cares for the People of Hawaii

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Ben Cayetano

BY ROBERT WATADA – Many people are asking why Ben Cayetano is running for Mayor of Honolulu.  After all, he has reached the top as Governor.

The answer is simple.  Ben Cayetano genuinely and deeply cares for the people of Hawaii.  Especially those, who are economically less fortunate in our community. The people in our community who are financially struggling.


Ben has not forgotten his Kalihi roots, where each day a meal was a real blessing.  Survival, a home and something to eat was a daily struggle.

Ben could not stand by and enjoy his retirement while the wannabe aristocrats taxed the people for public projects such as a “rail to nowhere” to promote their political ambitions.

Hawaii taxes are among the highest in the country, and taxes to benefit a few contractors and union members at the expense of our community members who are already living on the dire edge of poverty is unconscionable


Robert Watada is the former state Campaign Spending Director for Hawaii.





  1. It is the greedy little rugrats that are maligning good people, purchasing a campaign, all in a mission to save those of us that have learned to run on the red earth of the aina with bare feet, smelling the fresh air, enjoying her natural gifts. We are once again being told, our ancestors do not matter, our homes may be taken in grander schemes of white men's dreams, from ewa to kalihi and slightly beyond, for the white man's greed. Not sugar, honey! Ben tries to protect.

  2. Ben stay retired already. Please. This got nothing to do with anyone's ancestors. Or our aina. It will reduce the cars on the road. It will make life better for thousands of people in west oahu. The population density in Honolulu is perfectly suitable for a rail system. There's too much people here, too little land and over a million vehicles on the road. In what? approx. a 30 x 40 mile area? Makes you wonder where we all have room to sleep at night with that much rotting polluting metal cars everywhere. Senator Inouye cares about America and Hawaii. Yeah Ben might care too, but he lives pretty in a huge mansion way up on the mountain. Ain't nobody building a train to anywhere near his house. Maybe he'd change his mind on this if they did build it straight to his house. Lol. The people in West Oahu are miserable from driving so long everyday at big $$ for gas etc. They deserve a simple solution. I don't even live in West Oahu. I'm right in town. I would dread life if I had to make that commute everyday my god. I have friends that are MISERABLE because of our traffic problem.

    • The H-1 bottlenecks will be worse after the $6 Billion rail is operating according to the City's FEIS and Alternative Analysis! Specifically, _Table 3-12, City Alternative Analysis:…Screenline: Kalauao Stream Koko Head bound: Numbers based on rail operating from East Kapolei to Ala Moana Center.__(1)… H-1 Highway capacity: 9,500 vehicles per hour (vph)…………….__(2)…H-1 Observed Traffic volume = 10,960 vph :….__Current Vehicle overload at H-1/H-2 merge eastbound = 10,960 vph divided by 9,500 vph = 115 percent overload on H-1 ………__(3)..H-1 Forecast volume with rail operating Kapolei to Ala Moana Center: = 17,209 vph …………….Year 2030.Vehicle Over load at H-1/H-2 merge eastbound = 17,209 vph divided by 9,500 vph = 181 percent..overload on H-1…….__(4)..Conclusion:….H-1 traffic overload at H-1/H-2 merge will increase from today's 115 percent overload to 181 percent overload in year 2030 with rail in operations from East Kapolei to Ala Moana Center,….___Ben's FAST will eliminate H-1 bottlenecks and will be 80% funded by the Feds. The 1/2 GET surcharge will be stopped if FAST is implemented.

    • @What808…Rail is NOT a simple solution. It's an eyesore and who says that rail will ease traffic congestion? Kirk Caldwell? Peter Carlisle? There are cities in the U.S. that have some sort of rail system in place and it hasn't eased their traffic congestions at all. Those of us who live and work on the east side of the island won't be using the rail so why is it that WE have to PAY those taxes…134,690 people don't want it! We already have a lot of existing infrastructures that need to be repaired. Would you want sewage backing up into your home? I don't think so. I hope Mr. Cayetano continues his efforts of helping people of Hawaii…and it's not rail.

      • you are so right. can you get this message on the front page of star advertiser so all the angry
        people who doesn't want rail to see it. so many angry people out there today and many
        rumors flying that crooked things went on with the voting.

  3. To : What808. Build a elevated toll road to solve your friends commuting problems. 3 lanes in the a.m. to down: 3 lanes in the p.m. out of town.

    Washington, D.C. has a rail that goes everywhere in that area, but it is in the RED. Hawaii needs to fix the plumbing and then the roads.

  4. I can't wait to vote for him ! The day he is elected Mayor will be a very good day for Oahu's animals ! I love that he wants to make Honolulu more pet friendly and support him in that effort 100 %.

    • I don't get any of you. You are all making a deal with the devil just because you don't like rail. I believe this "paper" was started because of that crook. Now you all want o make nice, nice. They don't change their coats people. We don't need another four years of Manila politics just because you think you don't like rail.

      • Hey Glen… at least he's a "crook" (as you put it) for the people! You already made a deal with the devil when you voted him in as Mayor!

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