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L to R) Lieutenant Governor of Hawaii Brian Schatz, CEO of CBI Polymers Galen Ho, Assistant Commerce Secretary for Trade Promotion and Director-General of the U.S. Foreign and Commercial Service Suresh Kumar, and Director of the Pacific Islands, U.S Commercial Service John Holman. Photo courtesy: East West Center.

CBI Polymers Inc., received an export achievement award from the U.S. Department of Commerce on August 1, 2011 for its philanthropic work to provide aid in the clean-up efforts of Hungary’s toxic mud spill last year and the more recent nuclear catastrophe in Japan.  Presented by Suresh Kumar, Assistant Secretary for Trade Promotion and Director General of the U.S. and Foreign Commercial Service, the award recognized CBI Polymers for its accomplishments in the global marketplace.

“With 95% of the world’s consumers outside the United States, the best way to grow the economy and create new jobs is to pursue international market opportunities.  The United States is recognized around the world for its innovative, high-quality, and market leading products and services.  CBI Polymers is a great example of an innovative Hawaii company taking its quality American product international.  It is fantastic to see CBI Polymers deploy their technology to provide relief to the people of Japan and Hungary,” said John Holman, Director of the Pacific Islands, U.S Commercial Service. CBI Polymers utilized export counseling, introductions to key officials and partners, and other assistance from the U.S. Commercial Service to overcome the hurdles of getting their nuclear decontaminant product, DeconGel®, exported to Japan and Hungary so it could be used in the remediation efforts.


The Export Achievement Certificate was created by the U.S. Commercial Service of the U.S. Department of Commerce to recognize American companies that successfully penetrate international markets for distribution of their products

CBI Polymers, based in Hawaii, develops novel and environmentally friendly technologies for radiological and chemical decontamination. DeconGel® nuclear decontaminant is a leading decontamination solution which has been both tested and used extensively in Northern Japan to assist with radiological clean up.

“The support of the U.S. Commercial Service was critical for the company as we sought to export DeconGel to the region, saving us valuable time and resources,” said Galen Ho, CEO of CBI Polymers. “Their assistance was invaluable to the humanitarian work we conducted in Hungary to remove toxic sludge last year, and most recently in Fukushima to help with the radiation clean up. Our presence in these countries to conduct humanitarian work has also provided a great opportunity to form key relationships with potential distributors who hope to utilize DeconGel.”

Submitted by Brooke Wilson