Challenging Family Court

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My story of Hawaii Family Courts is typical but individual in degree and risk. Aloha, I am a single parent challenged daily by Hawaii’s First Circuit Family Courts; stripped of all standing, researched and devoted to recover what only God can give and take away, and in fear of retaliation for my children and myself. I am typical of many of the parents I have interviewed and helped over the years, a victim of an industry with no credible database, that is under national review in every district and application that it services. It started when I was left with my children 5 years ago, a son 6 and our daughter 8. I was threatened by their mother to be removed from these children’s lives through Domestic Violence Clearinghouse by the Family Courts. In January 1998, I petitioned that court for custody of the children left in my care. At the time I couldn’t get over the use of lies and the documented abuses of a court, as my family was torn apart by Judge Daryll Choy, jailed twice with no charges, and disallowed the day in court I could never receive. My putative rights as my children’s father, on my motions for custody, did not exist in this man’s eyes. I was na