Changes to Program on Parking Placards for Persons with Disabilities

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HONOLULU – The State of Hawai‘i Disability and Communication Access Board (DCAB) announced today a number of changes to procedures for renewing and issuing parking placards for persons with disabilities.  Some changes will take effect immediately this month, while others will take effect in October.  DCAB will mail reminder notices to persons whose placards are expiring in the next 30 days with new instructions for renewal by mail.

“We hope this new service to renew removable windshield placards by mail will be more convenient for people,” said Francine Wai, DCAB executive director.


The renewal by mail service is available to all placard holders statewide.  Reminder notices for holders of expiring placards will contain a new application form.  The completed application form verifies the disability certification by a licensed physician.  The form and a copy of a picture identification card may be returned to the DCAB office in a postage paid envelope that will be sent with the renewal application.

Removable windshield placards are issued to qualified individuals with disabilities when certified by a practicing physician that they have a medical condition that restricts them from walking more than 200 feet without stopping to rest.  A vehicle may park in designated accessible parking spaces when displaying a placard or license plate.

Prior to August 1, 2010, qualified persons with disabilities could receive two removable windshield placards valid for four years issued by a county agency or renewed by mail from DCAB.  After August 1, 2010, changes to state law will allow only one removable windshield placard to be issued, valid for a period of six years.  A person with a disability who is the registered owner of a motor vehicle may request a disabled person’s license plate in lieu of the second windshield placard at the County Department of Motor Vehicle office.

Effective October 1, 2010, all renewals for a removable windshield placards will be conducted by mail.  Should a County issuing office or Satellite City Hall receive an application for renewal, the application will be forwarded to the DCAB office for processing.  There is no fee transaction for a renewal of a removable windshield placard.

First-time applicants must still apply in person at a County issuing office or Satellite City Hall.  The Counties will continue to issue temporary removable windshield placards and replacement placards for a fee, as is the current practice.

For questions contact William Nakamatsu at the Disability and Communication Access Board at (808) 586-8121 (v/tty) or by email at

Submitted by Francine Wai, the Executive Director for the Disability and Communication Access Board with the Department of Health