Checklist to Prepare Before Going on Mountain Bike Tour

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A mountain bike tour is a great activity that has many benefits. It allows people to enjoy the great outdoors and it is a wonderful physical activity that provides great exercise. It is something that can help both physically and financially and is often an economical way to spend some time. There are many things that can separate a great mountain bike tour from a bad one. One way to quickly ruin any mountain bike tour is to not have everything that is needed and to not be properly prepared for the trip.

Preparing for the trip includes preparing physically, please check that you have the right equipment and confirm that you have the other accessories that are needed. The best way to make sure that you have all that you need is through the use of a checklist.


The Equipment
Having the right equipment is essential. Making sure it is all in good working order before going on a tour is also important. The basic equipment that should be used includes:

The Bike – A good mountain bike is essential to a successful trip. While it is not necessary to buy the most expensive a solid bike that is the right size for the rider is very important.
Safety Equipment – It is easy to get hurt when mountain biking. Safety equipment can prevent injuries. Bicycle helmets and bike gloves are a good start. It is also important to have clothing that will protect the body when going through rough terrain. Shoes and anything else that a person wears when exercising should also be thought of. It is always wise to have extra sets of the safety clothing, in case it gets wet or dirty while riding.

Water Bottles – Having bottles that can carry water is a must. They should be the right size to provide an adequate amount of water.

Backpacks – Backpacks can carry the mountain bike clothing and other gear that is needed. The backpack should distribute weight evenly so it does not hurt the rider. It may also be wise to have water resistant or waterproof backpacks.

Other bags – Other bags, including handlebar bags and pannier can be used to hold things, but they can make the bike harder to control.

Tools – Basic tools should be handy for any quick repairs. This includes a tire patch kit and spare inner tube. Pliers, a screwdriver or a multipurpose tool can be found where you get mountain biking products online.

Air Pump – If a tire goes flat, this is essential. May people find other uses for this as well on their bike tour.

First aid kit – Things such as bandages and other first aid supplies can come in handy.

Other Accessories
Depending on the tour that is chosen other things will be needed. These include:
Water – Ensure you have enough to get to the next place that has a water supply.
Food – Depending on the length the type and amount of food will vary. Consider including foods that will give you long term energy. Bananas, energy bars and sandwiches are good to bring. Store them in watertight bags to protect them until they are needed.

Money – It is always a good idea to have at least some money in the event of an emergency.

Cell phone – There may not always be service available, but a charged cell phone could save a life in an emergency. Do not wear the battery down when riding on non-essential things.

Preparing to ride in Budget
When anyone planning for a trip, of course you should think about budget. If you want to travel cheaper, longer, and better, you need to make your money last on the road. You can find lots of ways to low your budget by using promotional offers. Frugaa is a great place to start browsing for such offers as it collaborates with top name brands, bringing us latest deals and discounts.

When the checklists are used, a good mountain bike tour is much easier to have. It is worth the effort that doing all of this preparation takes.




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