City Council Approves Upgrades at Sand Island Wastewater Treatment Plan

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Sand Island Wastewater Treatment Plan

REPORT FROM THE MAYOR’S OFFICE – Mayor Kirk Caldwell applauded the City Council’s conclusion that a proviso attached to the Sand Island Wastewater Treatment Plant Solids Handling Project had been satisfied, making way for the City to build a second digester at the facility. 

“I thank Chair Martin and the other members of the City Council for their in-depth discussions and decision to approve the second digester, and I thank the Hawaii Construction Alliance, the HawaiiBuilding and Construction Trades Conference, and other groups for their advocacy,” Mayor Caldwell said.  “This is a vital project situated in the heart of urban Honolulu.  With this second digester, our city will be able to handle our increasing sewer needs and will have adequate redundancy for years to come.  This second digester will allow Honolulu to grow, increase the availability of workforce housing, and allow commercial and residential construction projects to move forward to enhance our beautiful city and boost our economy.”


“Public health and safety are our top priorities,” Lori Kahikina, ENV director, said.  “We are pleased with the conclusions of the study, which allows us to be prudent with public funds while providing redundancy with our solids handling facility at the largest treatment plant in the state.”

The proviso was attached to the FY 2013 Executive Capital Budget ordinance for the appropriation of $21.5 million for the second digester.


In 2010, capacity issues arose, prompting the Department of Environmental Services to place money for the project in the FY12 budget, but it was deleted in the third and final reading of the budget.  The Council wanted the City to look at privately financing the project, which prompted the proviso.

During the process, the City stayed on track with the planning and designing of the project.  Currently, 90 percent of the design is completed.






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