City Council Hearing Addresses Animal Cruelty, Water Quality, Public Restroom Management

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Honolulu City Council Member Tom Berg has introduced bills to mandate labeling of GMO produce – Photo: Emily Metcalf

BY COUNCIL MEMBER TOM BERG – This Tuesday, November 27, at 10:30 a.m., will be my last committee hearing as Chair of Parks and Cultural Affairs. Please click here to read the agenda.

I have introduced Bill 57 to give a reprieve to those animals on death row that have committed no crime, other than exist. We pay a contractor (Hawaiian Humane Society) $2.3 million a year to dispose of unwanted animals and handle other affairs for animals brought into their care. My bill proposes a notification system be performed by a non-profit entity to announce on a website the animals that are to be euthanized 24-hours in advance. In this way, the public will have greater access and awareness to mobilize rescue efforts for those animals doomed . . . a last call, to save their lives.


Also on the agenda is Resolution 12-318 to bring attention to our Karst System on the Ewa Plain. I introduced this resolution to get on the record that our water source and quality of it, be of party to all of the development plans taking place.

We will also discuss the Waikiki restroom matter – closing hours, and whether certain restrooms should remain open or not 24/7.


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