City Releases Renderings for Chinatown Rail Station

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The city’s rail authority – HART – has released renderings for its planned Chinatown station. Talk about urban sprawl:

This drawing is from the HART website and is their engineering drawing of the Chinatown station (page 44/85). Using the right hand lane height from ground level to the underside of the rail structure of 18′ 1″ (as shown) we can calculate that the Chinatown Station will be 56 feet high by 203 feet wide. From the same document but page 42 of 85, we can similarly calculate a length of 253 feet.


Any structure of 253 feet long by 203 feet wide by 56 feet high sprawling over the city waterfront is urban sprawl.


A typical cross section of rail and traffic:

This engineering drawing is from the HART website(page 29/31) and is described as a typical cross section showing the rail lines along Kona Street between Pensacola and Piikoi Streets.

The elevated rail line to the right of the drawing depicts the provision of a secondary rail line, which is the “planned extensions” to UH and Waikiki to go over the structures along Kona Street that are part of Ala Moana Center.

Note that it is a single line, which raises questions about the frequency of service to UH and Waikiki when there is only a single line to service both of them.

This is a “straddle bent” support (see photo at our May 1 entry below) used when a center line supporting pillar is not practical; it uses smaller supporting pillars on each side with a cross beam between them.

Also note the approximately 3½-foot high sound barriers on the outer edges of the rail line. These are to reduce the sound level of the train, a problem which up to now we were told did not exist.

The space between the trains allows space for an emergency walkway for use when power failures occur. However, the walkway is not at the level of train egress and so one has to wonder how wheelchairs will be dealt with.






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  2. I wish there was a China Town in my city. I'm sure people would love it. Too bad there is no Chinese community over here.

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