City Sweep of Homeless has Candidate Davis for Governor living in tent

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REPORT FROM THE DAVIS CAMPAIGN – HONOLULU – Libertarian Party of Hawaii gubernatorial candidate Jeff Davis seeks to bring immediate relief to a class of people subjected to a broken system that penalizes those without a permanent residence.

Hawaii’s Tomorrow talk radio personality Jeff Davis will be discussing the affordable housing crisis all this week on KGU 760 AM, between 5-6 p.m.  “The war on people who have no permanent residence has escalated,” stated Davis who says he is living in a tent to witness firsthand what trauma folks go through when the city conducts a sweep of the Kaka`ako area later this week.  “After the talk story on Friday at 2 p.m. at Kaka`ako Park, I will have on my radio program members of the houseless community to help expound upon what it’s like to lose one’s right to vote simply for being economically challenged,” stated Davis.


Some have categorized the sweep as a form of vengeance per the video released today according to Davis, adding that “It’s hard enough to solicit work without the conveniences of running water and other amenities, so why does the city compound those hardships with periodic sweeps that keeps folks glued to their tents which in turn interferes with their ability to go out and find work? We have the means to get water and portable restrooms to where they are physically situated now but the sweeps are counter-productive to those ends.”

Davis has been passing out flyers to every encampment he sees with the intent of drawing the media to his talk story in Kaka`ako Park this Friday.  “The news media has yet to interview the children whose bicycles were confiscated in a sweep, or the parents of a newborn who returning after a sweep, find all their diapers and clothes and baby bottles have been destroyed.”

Ray Fetui, a resident of the Kaka`ako Park encampment for the last month spoke to Davis yesterday detailing their plight – “After they take our possessions, what do we have left but each other.”

Video: Davis Interviews Victims of Sweeps at Kaka`ako; Preps for Tent Living/Rally