Civil Union Enactment: Sad Day for Hawaii

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MIKE GABBARD –  It’s a sad day for the people of Hawaii.  By supporting SB 232 (civil unions bill) into law, Hawaii politicians have shown that they just don’t care about the views and values of the majority of Hawaii’s residents.


Civil unions is same sex marriage with a different name. Even Tim Earhart, one of the civil unions advocates, president of Dignity USA/Honolulu said the other day, “No doubt about it, it’s the equivalence of marriage.

The people of Hawai’i made it clear that they’re against civil unions and same-sex marriage and the politicians have basically said ‘To hell with you.'”

Sen. Mike Gabbard, D-West Oahu, is in the Hawaii State Senate.





  1. I would like to know on what planet Mr. Gabbard is on in saying that “the majority of Hawaii residents” opposed civil unions. On not one, but TWO occassions a statewide pro-Civil Union candidate BEAT THE TAR OUT OF a statewide anti-Civil Union candidate. The republican party got desimated in the state legislator, as Mr. Gabbard would have been two if he had ANY PRINCIPALS whatsoever and admitted he’s NOT a Democrat but merely a pathetic hate-mongering opportunist. Mr. Gabbard needs to stop crying, stop projecting his personal bigotry on the people of this great state, and accept defeat. But he obviously won’t, because the man has no class

  2. It is true the majority of citizens (not necessarily voters) in Hawaii opposed, and continue to oppose, the Civil Union bills as written. One reason is the arrogant, sour language without Aloha that supporters of the Civil Union unreasonableness show, as in the other comment under this brief.

    The backslash wave is just beginning, since this matter depends on the legislature. Just let the public that’s right now involved in economic issues have some time to see the effect on education from the Civil Union Bill, let a few roommates from UH see they can go into a Civil Union and get good tax-write-offs, and health insurance benefits. Let the insurance companies now get into the picture. And let the voters begin to think why they have voted Democrat (as opposed to democratic) when electing for State and National Congress…. The matter has just begun. Of course, if anyone believes no voters oppose Civil Unions in Hawaii, there’s nothing to worry about…

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