Coast Guard, Good Samaritan, Work Together to Aid Injured Fisherman

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HONOLULU – The Coast Guard received a call at 10:41 a.m. Tuesday from the owner of the fishing vessel Dae In Ho about a 35-year-old male who needed immediate medical attention. The Coast Guard Command Center Honolulu coordinated with a Good Samaritan vessel in the area for medical evacuation.

At 11:30 a.m., the Coast Guard contacted the cruiseliner Norwegian Wind and from over 80 miles away they diverted to assist the crew of the Dae In Ho. The Norwegian Wind was onscene within six hours to assist on the case.


“Good Samaritans, such as the crewmembers of the Norwegian Wind, are an invaluable search and rescue resource and are exactly what we need out there to help their fellow mariners,” said Lt. j.g. Jennifer Loth, a search and rescue controller here.

The cruiseliner’s nurse is staying with the evacuee so he will receive the best medical care possible with respect to “patient care continuity.”

Coast Guard and medical officials are currently developing a plan for immediate medical attention once the patient arrives at Lahina, Maui.