US Coast Guard, Police, Prepare for First Family’s Holiday Arrival

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Kailua security zone (US Coast Guard)KAILUA – The now familiar signs that President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, daughters Sasha and Malia and First Dogs will be arriving in Hawaii for Christmas are appearing in the close knit beachside community on Oahu’s windward side.

On Wednesday, Honolulu police conducted roadside drills along the route the President’s caravan takes, from the H-1 Freeway beginning around the Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam area, over the H-3 Freeway off-ramp and into Kailua.


On Tuesday, U.S. Coast Guard officials went door-to-door, informing Kailua residents who live along the canal and ocean near the Obama rentals, that waterways will be closed to the public between Dec. 18 and Jan. 5.


All boats must be removed from the canal and there will be no recreational use, such as canoe and kayak paddling or stand up paddling, in the popular area where the U.S. Coast Guard officials will soon patrol.

A nearby favorite surf spot in Kailua Bay will also be closed during the President’s visit.

U.S. Secret Service agents have been performing security checks in the neighborhood in and around Kailuana Place where the private homes are located.

While no official plans have been released, area residents believe the Obamas will arrive possibly as early as Friday, Dec. 19, just after daughters Sasha and Malia begin their winter break.

Some renting homes to the President’s friends told Hawaii Reporter they must be out of their homes between Dec. 19 and Jan. 4.

The President, who spent much of his childhood in Hawaii, returns annually to Kailua for his Christmas holiday, a tradition he’s kept since first being elected to the nation’s highest office.






  1. Happy Holidays to B.O. while in H. KONG, Chinese Authorities began clearing the main camp of pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong on Thursday, ushering in the end of an extraordinary occupation that deepened political fault lines over China's role in the city's government.
    B.O. only cares about himself?

    • What's Christmas really for Ualani? Mainly for kids right? So B.O.'s here to golf w/his friends, dine @ expensive resturants w/his wife. SO WHERE's the kids?
      These trips prove he's narcisstic.

    • Miss his use of power for women's sexual favors?
      And these encounters were protected by tax payer funded secret service?

  2. HI Guest- well, I was just reminiscing how entertaining Boy Clinton was at times. I can't recall any of the evil that I noticed with Bush/Cheney or the destruction of our moral fiber as a nation continuing with Obama and Co. And,look, let's be honest when it comes to sexual favors,sexual abuse,etc. It was done with politicians on both side of the aisle and with the SS(Secret Service) also.remember all those hose' ?And how many American males wished they could do what Clinton done did with the girls? I'm thinking that if Bush/Cheney/Obama got laid more often, our country wouldn't be in the mess we be in now. Hooorah and Hare Krishna!

  3. hey Cholan, that's kool that you are faithful to your significant other(your better half ;)). But Bush/Cheny/Oama are guilty of violating something they swore to uphold also.On the Bible no less.something just as sacred as marriage.Bush/Cheney/Obama were unfaithful to our US Constitution.And they still are to this day. And Bill Clinton? well he had his "day in court" and was impeached, but found not guilty.(too bad).we have to hold Bush/Cheny/Obama accountable.they need their "day in court" also

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