Common Sense vs Dysfunctional Government

Kawika Crowley
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Kawika Crowley

BY KAWIKA CROWLEY – In the obvious light of the fact that most print and tv media have pretty much thrown Congressional 2nd Republican candidates over the side of the campaign ship, as being non-relevant and inconsequential, let there be no doubt as per my prediction.  If I win the Primary, the 2nd Congressional race will be the classic example of the famed biblical tale of David & Goliath.  I, as the “David”, do clearly remember the outcome of that underdog dogfight.  Believe me, this is no “shoe-in” for the Dems, as all the media pundits are predicting.

The American public all over the nation, and especially Hawaii, are down-right outraged at the Dysfunctional state of our government and system.


***When a major lawmaker in Washington has the audacity to state publicly, as per the Obama Care bill,  “WE MUST PASS THIS LAW SO WE CAN READ WHAT IS IN IT”, now THAT IS DYSFUNCTIONAL

***When a Hawaii judge allows the temporary release (3x per week for schooling) of an insane man who, on the Koko Head trail, stabbed two people, one man 17 times, leaving him helpless for life, THAT IS DYSFUNCTIONAL.

***When my democratic opponents publicly announce in their debates, their plans to amend the Defense Of Marriage Act, on their OWN free will, AGAINST the majority will of the people that they claim to “represent”, THAT IS DYSFUNCTIONAL.

***When the head of the senate, Harry Reid, who just endorsed Mufi Hannemann, has arrogantly and ignorantly refused to come up with a budget since Pres. Obama came into office, THAT IS DYSFUNCTIONAL.  And the list is endless…

Washington D.C. has become DYSFUNCTIONAL and void of COMMON SENSE.  BTW, “Experience” is learned…Common Sense is Earned…NONE of our brilliant Founding Fathers had “Experience” as politicians, and yet they were elected to their positions and formed the beginnings of the greatest nation that ever existed on the planet…they “hit the ground running” without a drop of political experience…What is needed in D.C. now is a mega dose of COMMON SENSE….NOT “Experience”…there are now lawmakers in Washington with tons of “experience”, in office since the Ice Age…and most of them are worthless.  Nothing will change in Hawaii until the Mega Change happens in Washington…this WILL happen in this election.  This election is our Waterloo, period.

I am the Common Sense alternative to Dysfunctional, Big Government, Big Spending, Unaccountable Career Politicians.  America has had enough.  There will be a slew of David & Goliath victories in this coming election, both here in Hawaii and all across the nation, mark my word.

From now until late into Primary Nite, if anyone cares, I will be available for comment at my new campaign cell number listed at the top of this release.  My campaign headquarters is my work-van…that should be a fun feed for you news-folk…will be glad to give you a personal walk-through of my eloquent headquarters.

Here’s a bombshell for you…for the last three months, as a candidate for Congress, I have been living out of my van here in Kaneohe, parking and sleeping out of my van right next to the Kaneohe Police station…I have been doing this on my own accord, as business has been slow, and I have needed to upgrade my working van.   So in order to save funds for this expenditure I decided to live out of my van…it has been a challenge, but hopefully I will be able to upgrade my van to a newer and more reliable vehicle from the monies saved in rent, etc….life is tough, especially when you value your freedom, of which I have for decades, since I was 11 when I ran my first small business as a courier/errand-boy for Peace Corps trainees in Hilo…being self-employed indeed has its many ups and downs…and when times get really rough, you have to bite the bullet, and I am chewing that bullet as we speak.   I do believe there is no other candidate that can truly relate to the average Joe & Mary citizen…why?…because I am Joe & Mary as well.

Feel free to call me anytime.  I welcome your call.  BTW, mega Kudos to the few of you in the media across the state who have given us Underdogs at least some form of exposure and coverage.  You know who you are and I highly commend you and thank you for your doing so.

Aloha,  Kawika Crowley

Congressional Candidate–2nd District–Republican

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****”The 9/11 Guy”…standing on the side of Kamehameha Hwy (on Windward side near HPU) on the 11th of every month for the last 3 years with huge signs and American flags reminding my fellow citizens, “9/11 NEVER FORGET”, “Mahalo Vets”, “Honk For America”
****Raised my 3 children alone for 12 years as a single parent.
****Advertising Consultant–30 years
****Ran my own small full-media Ad Agency in Hilo for 15 years…main account, Cafe 100 (local, regional, national awards).
****Handyman/House Painter–off and on for 40 years.
****Representative/Lobbyist for the Hawaii Bar Owners Assoc.–6 years and present.
****Big Island Mayoral candidate–as an Independent–1991—first Independent mayoral candidate in the history of the state to make it to the General.
****Hilo Boy since 1961…resident of Windward side Oahu for last 15 years.