Comprehending Legislative Action is Difficult

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Sometimes I have difficulty comprehending legislative activities.

Now comes on 2/28/03 the ”’Honolulu Advertiser”’ story “House OK’s truancy penalties” in which it is related that HB 277, HD 1 was approved.


That bill, introduced by Rep. Maile Shimabukuro, says that educators are seeking more teeth in truancy laws. Therefore, the bill gives educators power to punish truant children and their parents.

Let’s assume that you, a parent, decide that the government school to which your child is assigned is dangerous.

The rest rooms are filthy and your youngster has suffered physical harm. You decide to have him stay home.

You and the child are punished. No one is punished because the school is unsuitable.

No one. Not Rep. Shimabukuro or the other 39 who apparently care more for “educators” than they do for children. Nor do the persons running the school.

Summary: The law demands children go to a specific school. The government operates the school. When parents act responsibly, they will be punished. When schools are operated to potentially harm children, no one is held accountable.

And our “leaders” wonder why many parents are not “engaged.” Do you?

”’Richard O. Rowland is the president of the Grassroot Institute of Hawaii. He can be reached via email at:”’