Congresswoman Gabbard Calls: Bipartisan Efforts Needed to Improve Affordable Care Act

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Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard

By Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard – While the ACA seeks to help millions of uninsured Americans get quality, affordable coverage, the glitch-ridden launch of the online exchanges, and other coverage-related problems, have raised serious concerns.

People in Hawai‘i and across the country deserve leaders who have integrity, are accountable to the people, and who are ready to work together towards workable solutions.


Now is the time for us to come together, identify what needs to be fixed, and work to bring about those changes, such as ensuring people have a fair window of time to sign up once the website is fully functional, and guaranteeing the security and privacy of personal information that is submitted online.

A major piece of legislation like the ACA certainly will not be perfect from day one.  Congress must work together to immediately pass targeted improvements that ensure the American people have access to good healthcare.

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, a Democrat who represents Hawaii, voted against the repeal and defunding of the Affordable Care Act; and focused on targeted improvements to the law.





  1. Tulsi will do whatever Soros tells Jarret, who tells Obama, who then tells Hirono & Shatz & Hanabusa to do…It's called Towing the line. Abercrombie then endorses this procedure.
    Nothing new.
    Tulsi clarifies that she just wants to redefine new and improved way to force an illegal processed law that the people didn't want.
    Feds are not to be engauged in commerce.

  2. It's too bad the implementation of ACA hasn't been up to par, but many people need insurance so now is the time to pull it together and fix the problems, as Tulsi is saying.

  3. Mahalo to any Congress person giving some clear thought and possible solutions to this huge issue! Our country people are going to need care asap & daily as illness hits home…so I appreciate her expedience and tenacity to resolve the situation = strong leadership is what we hope for and we got it in TG!

  4. People expect their leaders to use their intelligence to reach consensus and to work in concert – rather than squabble – for the betterment of the citizens who elected them. Rep. Gabbard is correct in her assessment that a bipartisan effort is needed to fix ACA. There is no doubt that healthcare reform is needed, but since ACA is seen as illegal by some; needed by others, nothing short of a bipartisan effort can resolve the two diametrically opposed stances.

  5. I realize Tulsi wasn't a part of the original legislation, but now she steps in asking for a 'bipartisan' effort to fix the bill? Everyone saw how the bill became law in a not so bipartisan effort. The idiots voting for refused to even read the bill and bragged about that fact, now they can eat it, and if she continues to side with the largest ever income distribtution ever, she can be replaced too!

  6. I just realized why she looks unusually hot in that pic. The way her jaw is squared makes her look like a brunette Alice Eve

  7. Tulsi is just another lib mouthpiece. Whatever Obama, Abercrombie, and the rest of the psycho socialist want…she'll fall in line. I'm not buying her BS

  8. She thinks one of the things to fix is ensuring a fair window of opening in order to sign up? Then what happens after people find out about the high premiums and deductibles? Sorry, but the ACA needs more fixing then that. I will respect the first representative who can step away from the Party and show some backbone to actually represent the People for a change.

  9. What the hell is she talking about. She always votes lockstep with the democrats. She is such a phony.

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