Council on Revenues Lowers Revenue Projections for Current Fiscal Year

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BY LT. GOVERNOR DUKE AIONA Lt. Governor Duke Aiona issued the following statement on the Council on Revenues’ latest revenue forecast, which lowered revenue projections for the current fiscal year.

As Governor, one of my first acts will be to propose a fiscally responsible biennium budget based largely on the latest projections that will allow our state to spend within its means.


It may take several years before general fund revenues return to pre-recession levels, which is why it is so important for the next Governor to hit the ground running in the right direction.

I am the only candidate with the executive experience at the state level to balance the budget and ensure that we prudently manage the state’s finances.

As Governor, I will focus on cultivating a business-friendly environment that accelerates the creation of job opportunities, minimizes government-created delays and uncertainty for businesses and attracts private business.

Government doesn’t create the jobs that fuel our economy over the long term, but my Administration will make it easier for those who do.