County Secures Hanalei Parcels Through Condemnation

Hanelei Bay, Kauai (photo by Malia Zimmerman)
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Hanelei Bay, Kauai (photo by Malia Zimmerman)

REPORT FROM KAUAI COUNTY– Pursuant to an ex parte order granted by Fifth Circuit Court Judge Randal G.B. Valenciano on May 3, which was upheld in the same court by Judge Kathleen Watanabe on September 5, the County has secured the boundaries of three parcels in Hanalei previously owned by Mike Sheehan and Hanalei River Holdings Limited.  This action is the culmination of condemnation proceedings that have been ongoing for approximately 18 months.

The parcels are referred to as “Lot 7,” “Lot 5,” and “Lot 6” on the attached map.
Notice to vacate Lots 5 and 6, and to remove all personal belongings from them by today, was provided to Mr. Sheehan on Tuesday, September 11.  A similar notice was provided in July relative to Lot 7.  The Department of Parks and Recreation, with assistance from the Department of Public Works, has secured all three parcels and posted no trespassing notices on the perimeter of the property. The property will be closed to the public until further notice due to safety concerns.
“These lands will eventually be returned to the people of Kaua‘i as part of an enhanced Hanalei Black Pot Beach Park,” stated Mayor Bernard Carvalho, Jr.  “We have worked closely with the community and the County Council to make good on our promise to expand and better manage this area – which is considered by many to be among the most beautiful beaches in the world.”
The Mayor has scheduled a community meeting for Wednesday, September 19, at 6:30 p.m. at the Hanalei Elementary School cafeteria to discuss the recent actions that have been taken and the future plans for master planning of Hanalei Black Pot Beach.  All community members are encouraged to attend.  Special accommodations, sign language interpreters and interpreters for non-English speaking person are available upon request five (5) days prior to the meeting date. To request an accommodation, please contact the Office of the Mayor at 241-4900 or via email at
The expansion of Hanalei Black Pot Beach Park is one of the Mayor’s Holo Holo 2020 projects.  The  Holo Holo 2020 vision for Kaua’i calls for all organizations, businesses, residents and visitors on Kaua’i to be part of creating an island that is sustainable, values the native culture, has a thriving and healthy economy, cares for all – keiki to kupuna – and has a responsible and user-friendly local government. More details on Holo Holo 2020 can be found at