COWARDS – Allah akbar

"Bataclan theater, Paris 3 April 2009" by jxandreani. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Commons -,_Paris_3_April_2009.jpg#/media/File:Bataclan_theater,_Paris_3_April_2009.jpg
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"Bataclan theater, Paris 3 April 2009" by jxandreani. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Commons -,_Paris_3_April_2009.jpg#/media/File:Bataclan_theater,_Paris_3_April_2009.jpg
“Bataclan theater, Paris 3 April 2009” by jxandreani. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Commons –,_Paris_3_April_2009.jpg#/media/File:Bataclan_theater,_Paris_3_April_2009.jpg

BY DUANE A. VACHON, PH.D. I guess the title might give you a clue that this column is for the first time since it began going to mention the opposite of Heroes. It’s something I feel strongly about and think the column will resonate with many readers.

Literally “God is great” in Arabic. Nice thought, however…
what is said by people beheading hogtied victims “in the name of God”
or what is said by someone in a car bomb seconds before he fires it off in a crowded marketplace.
“Wait until that grandmother with her three cute grandkids gets a bit closer”


“ALLAH AKBAR!!!” chanted by the most contemptible chunk of human carrion that ever disgraced the Moslem faith. Am not an expert on Allah but I suspect these clowns have really pissed him off.
In the last week we have been shown what these cowards can and will do supposedly in the name of Allah. They blow up a plane full of innocent men, women and children and brag about it. They slaughter 130 unarmed innocent civilians in Paris shouting Allah Akbar. Truth is Allah wouldn’t urinate on them if they were on fire. Allah would want them exterminated so as to not bring shame and disgrace on the rest of the good Moslems in our world.
And as if it is not sickening enough to have to be exposed to these atrocities, we now have to deal with the suggestion that we ourselves, Western society, are the true cause of such atrocities, a nauseating argument that has once more been rolled out before the mourners have even buried their dead.
The usual excuses for terrorism are made. That it’s the West’s fault for invading Iraq, even though 9/11 took place a year and a half before the invasion. That it’s the West’s fault for supporting Israel, even though less than a year ago France infuriated Israel by voting to recognize the Palestinian state. That it’s caused by Islamophobia, even though the same people tell us that terrorism has nothing to do with Islam.
Gee, it’s hard not to be really nasty here, but let me express some things about apparent western decadence, after world war two when we fought to protect the Suez canal from Nazi takeover, the Muslims who had done nothing with their desert homes for centuries, decided to take back the Suez canal, which was built using western decadent ideas but which the Muslim’s saw as a nice easy fast cash source, then the western decadence developed the middle east’s oil resources. The same process occurred again, then the world was held to ransom as Muslim oil sheiks put the price of oil up again and again. Muslims use decadent mobile phones, cameras, cars, jewelry, and clothing, especially the men, who believe that all women should be beholding to them. The wealthy men use western decadent universities and western decadent education to advance their own western decadent lifestyles, but as long as the church receives enough cash donations, these western decadent people and ideas are forgiven. All the time they subjugate women, tell the people the west is no good, pay their workers poorly or enslave them in SOME cases, bank their money in western decadent banks, use western decadent credit cards, demand and pay for the best western decadent hospital treatment. In fact, they live mostly a western decadent life far outside of the laws of Allah, the priests continue to forgive as long as money changes hands. It’s hard for Muslims to understand that we simply do not like being treated as second class citizens. They should believe that since 90% of their wealth was built on western decadent ideas they should be more tolerant towards the rest of the world.