Darwin Ching for Honolulu Prosecutor: 9/9 Action Plan

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On Oahu, the crime rate is up and the ice epidemic continues.  We need to change how we are fighting crime and prosecuting cases.  We need a new approach and vision that is tough and effective! I will implement an action plan based on input from Honolulu residents:

1. Protect Residents In Their Own Homes From The Effects Of The Ice Epidemic. Home invasions are a major concern as the brazen burglars are looking for drugs or money to support their drug habits. They are breaking into people’s homes at night and day while the occupants are sleeping or watching TV.  This increases the potential for murder, sexual assault, and other crimes.  Currently, Burglary is a Class B felony with a maximum of 10 years imprisonment.  My plan will change the law.  If a burglars breaks in knowing that the occupants are at home, it shall be a Class A felony with a mandatory 20 years imprisonment.  In addition, we will have every deputy immediately argue at sentencing for maximum jail time for all such pending cases.


2. Proactive Community Prosecution Focusing on Drugs. Fully implement a “proactive community prosecution” approach in the Prosecutor’s Office. We will use “community search warrants” to target drug dealers and close drug houses immediately, instead of the usual years.  Portland had an 85% success rate in closing drug houses. Honolulu deserves no less!  We will also develop the necessary “Task Forces” to address the individual needs of each community and their specific problems: Waikiki and prostitution; businesses & residents having to deal with street people sleeping on their property and sidewalks; and other “quality of life” prosecutions etc.

3.            Create A Public Corruption Unit. Defendant Gale Bailey, a city employee, stole $400,000+ from city and the Prosecutor’s Office inexplicably agreed to a sentence of no jail at her August 2010 sentencing.  She was ordered to pay $200.00 a month which will take her 166 years to repay from her current residence in Japan. How can Hawaii be the safest city when the current administration is letting these cases slip through the cracks?

4. Restore Use Of Our Sidewalks. Sit/Lie sidewalk prohibitions: I will advocate passing and implementing sit/lie sidewalk prohibitions/laws such as is being considered in San Francisco.  Honolulu is currently considering its version (Bill 039 2010/Proposed Ordinance) but it will be unenforceable as written and proposed because the penalty is only a violation-meaning the police will give the street people a citation and they will fail to show up in court!  No other candidate has spoken up on behalf of the people and offered a solution to this pressing problem!