Davis Recall Pushes On

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SACRAMENTO (Talon News) — With lawsuits against the recall efforts expected to be thrown out, making Gray Davis’ Oct. 7 recall election all but a certainty, the embattled California governor has now turned his efforts to campaigning.

Davis supporters had filed suit, claiming the signatures that enabled the recall election were obtained illegally. However, the California Supreme Court did not rule on the case.


With the recall election only months away, candidates must now focus on campaigning.

Davis, who is widely considered to be a master fundraiser, raised $78 million for his 2002 re-election. Davis campaign officials have said that they expect the Governor to raise about $20 million for the recall.

Meanwhile, Republicans are scrambling to declare their candidacies, which they must do by August 9.

Much attention has been focused on Arnold Schwarzenegger — the Austrian actor turned Republican politician. On Monday, California insiders at the Sacramento Bee reported that Schwarzenegger had decided not to run.

However, Schwarzenegger’s political advisor, George Gorton, refutes the rumors, claiming Schwarzenegger is still talking it over with his family.

“Arnold spent the weekend continuing his due diligence regarding a possible run. He has made no decision at this time. He will continue to weigh the pros and cons with his family and will continue to seek the counsel of supporters and colleagues,” Gordon said Monday.

Other Republican prospects include former Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan, 2002 gubernatorial nominee Bill Simon Jr., and Congressman Darrell Issa, who organized and spent $1.7 million of his own money on the recall.