Defending Cindy Sheehan

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I am writing to disagree with a report you published entitled “The Collapsing Universe of a Dark Star Mother” by Andrew Walden.

Cindy Sheehan’s son died before the recent facts in the Downing Street Memo, and other recently released statements and memos were published.


Cindy Sheehan’s son could thus not have known that he was going to a war built on lies.

Cindy Sheehan learned, as many people are now learning, that George
Bush’s “War on Terrorism” has a deeper and much more sinister agenda;
that he hides this agenda with words like “patriotism”, “democracy” and “freedom.”

It is a difficult and fearful personal challenge to change one’s
perspective because new facts come to light. It is natural that those who have not absorbed the truth of these facts will disagree; it is unfortunate that some mask their anxiety with tasteless anger.

Using labels such as “left”, “extremist”, “communist” and “right”, “far right” and “fascist” are not helpful.

Labels support pre-conceived ideologies. What is important
is the truth.”

”’Sarah Meyer is a resident of Sussex, UK, and can be reached via email at”’