Defending Whalen

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Your Jan. 30 “Political Tittle Tattle” provided excellent
coverage of the governor’s State of the State address, the superintendent’s speech, and the mayor’s State of the City address.

You covered well the internal dynamics working during each speech — highly readable stuff, as always.


I was, however, surprised by your call at the end of the column for
Sen. Paul Whalen to leave the GOP, which struck me as out of bounds for a news opinion piece. The GOP is a party, not a public institution.

The Hawaii Republican Party is a big tent, and we welcome Paul and every other elected Republican who is already inside.

And, by the way, Paul wasn’t the only Republican to vote for gas cap legislation.

As a Republican legislator, I say we need every Republican vote we can get, and are happy to have Paul’s vote.


”’Galen Fox is the Republican Representative for the district of Waikiki.”’

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