Democrat “Damage Control” Has Become An Embarrassment

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Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi

BY CHRISTOPHER ADAMO – Overall, it is probably a good thing that Nancy Pelosi not only stays in the U.S. Congress, but as Minority Leader retains the highest Democrat position in that body. As a result, she remains sufficiently prominent for the nation to be continually reminded of how bad things in Washington can really get if Americans do not stay vigilant and engaged in the electoral process, in order to keep such mindless leftists in the minority. Last week, she inarguably made this case once again.



Of course Pelosi is already well known for her absurd commentary and abhorrent actions. It was Nancy Pelosi who, as House Speaker, did her best to incite unseemly behavior from Tea Party protestors as she strode arrogantly among them, wielding a buffoonishly large gavel, on the way to passing Obamacare in the House of Representatives. It was also Pelosi who revealed just how out of touch and brimming with arrogance she and her liberal cohorts are, when she informed the nation Obamacare would first need to be passed into law before anyone could find out what was in it. In the cruelest joke of all, Nancy promised in November of 2006 that as speaker she would preside over “the most honest, most open, and most ethical Congress in history.”


It might seem difficult to exceed such absurdities, but Pelosi has proven that she is up to the task. As the House Oversight committee moved towards a contempt of Congress citation against Attorney General Eric Holder on account of his continued refusal to cooperate with the congressional investigation of the disastrous “Fast and Furious” affair, Pelosi decided to turn the situation back on Republicans. In a move that some liberal strategist must have presumed to be a brilliant strategy, Pelosi offered a ridiculous explanation of the unfolding situation at a June 21 press briefing, asserting that the contempt charge was merely a vindictive ruse directed at Holder, as retribution for his determination to oppose Florida voter identification efforts.


From the very beginning, Eric Holder’s conduct as Attorney General has been a national disgrace, and an abomination to the rule of law. He is perhaps best known for his willingness to sanction the criminal bullying of white voters by members of the “New Black Panthers” in Philadelphia on Election Day 2008. He subsequently engaged in similar betrayals of his office, including the complete undermining of the state of Arizona as it endeavored to secure its southern border against the flood of illegal aliens. More recently, he actively opposed Florida measures designed to properly verify voter identification, in order to prevent fraud at the polls.


Of course Democrats regularly turn a blind eye to corrupt doings of this nature, as long as the end result is beneficial to the their party. The resulting deterioration of life in America is dismissed as mere “collateral damage,” and is wholly acceptable to the left on that basis. In this manner, though “Fast and Furious” cost hundreds of Mexicans their lives, along with U.S. border agent Brian Terry, the Obama Administration had no problem allowing it to continue. Unfortunately for Democrats, word of the “Fast and Furious” debacle eventually leaked, and has lingered for quite some time on the public stage. As a result, the horrendous malfeasance of its original premise (allowing guns into the hands of Mexican drug cartels so they could ostensibly be tracked) has become a political liability to the left, and the Obama Administration in particular.


Eventually, as the inquiries have dragged on, the knowledge of its ugly reality has continued to be more widely known among the American people. It has become apparent that the real intention of “Fast and Furious” was to get guns into the hands of lawless Mexicans, so as to proliferate gun-violence and havoc among the gangs that operate south and north of the border (since other Obama/Holder initiatives have rendered that boundary nearly nonexistent). Apparently, the hope was that Americans would eventually have their fill of all the mayhem and bloodshed, and at that point they might be more amenable to the abolition of the Second Amendment.


Consequently, the whole fiasco became a huge public relations liability to Holder and the Obama Administration. It is absurdly naive to believe that under such circumstances, they would “come clean.” Every effort by the Republican Congress to get to the bottom of the scandal has been met with stonewalling, evasions, outright lies and a willful obstruction of justice. Once the congressional committee moved towards a contempt citation against Holder, Barack Obama made himself complicit in all of it by claiming “executive privilege” on Holder’s behalf.


So of course, in light of this flagrant trail of corruption, the only reason for law-abiding citizens to become concerned about this enormous breach of the law, perpetrated by the nation’s top law enforcement official, would be partisan politics and a personal animus towards Holder (read: racism). This nauseating appraisal is the essence of Nancy Pelosi’s diatribe.


In truth, her transparent finger-pointing is a glaring illustration of the complete scorn she and her kind have towards all Americans, but especially their own constituencies. Pelosi, Obama, and every liberal who seeks to deflect attention from the “Fast and Furious” debacle by dredging up all of the old adages of racial discord and making them the central issues of the day, do so out of a consuming contempt for the intelligence and reasoning abilities of the voting base. Simply wave the race card and your minions will begin mindlessly repeating any accusations of unfairness and inequality that have been fed to them.


Never mind the extensive suffering going on around them as a direct consequence of the liberal agenda. For the black community, it is an atrocious public education bureaucracy that leaves their children ill-prepared to seek worthwhile livelihoods as adults, and a national economy that has resulted in black unemployment of unprecedented proportions. Down along the border, it is the cold-hearted indifference to the murderous rampages enabled by those “Fast and Furious” guns, that give the best indication of just how truly concerned the Obama Administration is about the plight of Mexicans and Americans of Mexican descent.


Nevertheless, the lies and race-baiting continue, and whenever Democrats are caught red-handed in criminally irresponsible activity such as “Fast and Furious,” they have no recourse but to revert to their well-rehearsed lines. They are convinced that their support base must surely be blind and gullible enough to accept their word rather than considering the facts. But for the sake of the nation, and all its good citizens of every ethnicity and nationality, it is time to wake up and recognize the liberal/Democrat political machine for the abomination that it really is, and the danger its policies pose to all Americans.