Democrats Receive Marching Orders From Pelosi

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WASHINGTON (Talon News) — Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), the House minority leader, drafted minutely detailed talking points for Democrat lawmakers to use during their August recess from Congress.

“The Hill” reports that one of the more bizarre ideas included in the packet of information is for Democrat lawmakers to throw a 38th birthday party for Medicare when they meet with constituents during the week of July 28.


The memo reads: “Order your cake! Order a sheet cake with ‘Happy Birthday Medicare’ written on it. Buy additional party supplies. Be creative. Buy a ‘Happy Birthday’ tablecloth for the center table. Purchase disposable plates and utensils if the facility will not provide them. You may also wish to purchase additional party favors — horns and whistles can be very useful to ‘boo’ the Republican agenda.”

In addition to the cake, the memo also calls for Democrat lawmakers to “provide writing utensils and paper for seniors to complete letters to the editor.”

As if this point is not an obvious one to most event organizers, Pelosi writes in the memo to “know where the restrooms and telephones are located.”

In addition to the Medicare issue, Pelosi encourages Democrat lawmakers to focus on the economy, education, and protecting national parks during their August recess.

The memo addresses another strange idea for conducting an event highlighting the economy by suggesting that it be held at a highway construction site because it is a “great visual!”

Some Democrats are scoffing at the Pelosi memo. One Democrat aide says that he feels the memo is “a bit patronizing” and “counterproductive.”

One Democrat lawmaker said that he doesn’t usually follow the scripts that come from the Democrat leadership because it would cost him in the elections in his district.

Rep. Bart Stupak (D-MI) said, “They have some good points, but I don’t go with the scripted stuff.”

A Pelosi spokeswoman said the criticism about the memo is unwarranted because the points are only meant to be a “suggestion” for events and not a mandate. She adds that the Medicare issue is “very important” and that “Democrats have been focusing on” it. She adds that members of the Democrat caucus had requested this memo to be drafted by Pelosi.

The Democrats claim that Republicans also have scripts they are using during the recess. But House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-IL) said Republicans don’t need “detailed instructions” because they “understand the issues.”