Department of Defense Announces Nomination for 4 Star General

Lt. Gen. Vincent Brooks
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Lt. Gen. Vincent Brooks

Fort Shafter, Hawaii – The President of the United States has nominated Lt. Gen. Vincent Brooks for promotion to the rank of General (4 stars) and pending confirmation, command of U.S. Army Pacific. Tentative change of command will take place June 5, 2013, at Fort Shafter, Hawaii.

Brooks’ currently is serving as the commanding general, Army Central Command. If confirmed, Brooks will succeed Lt. Gen. Francis Wiercinski who served as U.S. Army Pacific commanding general for more than two years.


Wiercinski has requested to retire from active duty after 34 years of service, with the last 8 years stationed in the Pacific.

The decision by the commander in chief to elevate U.S. Army Pacific to a 4-Star / General position at an Army Service Component Command represents a deep commitment to the National Defense Strategy, and to US allies and partners in the Pacific.





  1. What the?! I was passed over AGAIN?! Discrimination I tell ya! Just because I'm not a LtGen I can't be considered? I need a lawyer. I'm going to sue to get this job that I am in no way qualified for!

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