Dick’s Limerick

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‘This is a limerick for Dick Rowland, president emeritus of the Grassroot Institute of Hawaii, who turned 80 years old on March 16, 2010.’

‘There once was a guy named Dick’


‘Who thought being free was our pick’

‘He’d work night and day’

‘And had plenty to say’

‘About free choice being the trick’


‘Dick wasn’t afraid to speak out’

‘Freedom was right, he would shout’

‘From the top of the walls’

‘Through the Capitol halls’

‘Liberty is a virtue to tout’


‘Sometimes it was hard to believe’

‘What laws those in charge could conceive’

‘So fight them he must’

‘With gusto robust’

‘So that order we all can achieve’


‘Dick argues against insane bills’

‘Like the one that divides all our hills’

‘Based on one’s race’

‘It’s such a disgrace’