Disappointed Brady Campaign lashes out at President Obama

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One has to wonder how disappointed, or even enraged, have become the leaders of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence in the past year. The news has not been good for them. Things have gotten so bad that the Brady Center is now reduced to attempting to coerce the Starbucks coffee chain into banning customers with legal guns.

The Brady rage against Starbucks, however, seems to be small potatoes as they vent their spleen against anyone who doesn’t take their advice, including the President of the United States.


The Obama Administration is just entering their second year in office and the Brady Campaign has already issued the President a failing “report card.”

Just 14 months ago, the leadership and major funding sources for the Brady Campaign were fairly dancing in the streets as the election of President Barack Obama was confirmed. The Brady Bunch and their big money contributors had vigorously supported the Democratic candidate, whose past record and campaign platform were squarely on the anti-gun, anti-self-defense side.

So delighted was the Brady Bunch with Obama’s victory and with the Democrat majority in Congress that they were literally salivating at the prospect of realizing so much of their agenda. Indeed, while the Bradys were rubbing their hands, Americans concerned about their gun rights were shivering in their boots