Djou: Brown's Congressional Victory Significant

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Charles K. Djou, Republican candidate for Hawaii’s 1st Congressional District, applauded the election of Republican Scott Brown in a special election to fill the seat vacated by the late Sen. Ten Kennedy in Massachusetts.

“Sen.-elect Scott Brown’s come-from-behind victory, in a solid Democrat state like Massachusetts, clearly shows the American people want different leadership in Congress. Like Sen.-elect Brown, I am troubled by Congress’ multi-trillion dollar budget deficit that recklessly mortgages our children’s future, a multi-billion dollar stimulus package that has done little to alter unemployment and a health care plan that is too expensive and won’t work,” stated Djou. “From those I’ve spoken to at the 4,000 doors that I’ve knocked on in the last two weeks, and from the 1,100 donors to my campaign, it is clear that Hawaii’s voters feel just as frustrated. Hawaii needs a voice from outside the system to fundamentally change the status quo.”


Djou currently serves as a member of the Honolulu City Council and previously was the Republican Floor Leader in the Hawaii State House. Like Sen.-elect Brown, Djou serves as an Army JAG officer in the reserves. A special election to fill the seat being vacated by the resignation of Congressman Neil Abercrombie will likely take place on May 1st.

At the start of the campaign last fall, Brown trailed Democrat nominee Martha Coakley by 30 points in the first poll of this race. As recently as eight weeks ago, a similar poll had Brown trailing Coakley by 31 points. Brown never closed to even within the margin of error of Coakley in any media poll until just two weeks ago. Today, Brown defeated Coakley by 5 percentage points.