Djou: End Negative Mainland Third Party Attack Ads

former Congressman Charles Djou
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former Congressman Charles Djou
former Congressman Charles Djou

REPORT FROM CHARLES DJOU’S CAMPAIGN FOR CONGRESS – Team Djou reacted to the effort by Common Cause Hawaii to put an end to the negative mainland third party ads that may soon start flooding Hawaii.

“Charles Djou’s campaign is focused on the issues the people of Hawaii care about: lowering the high cost of living, creating jobs and taking care of our kupuna and keiki.  This election is about who can hit the ground running, working with Democrats and the Republican majority in Congress, to represent Hawaii on day one,” stated Barbara Marumoto, Djou Hawaii’s campaign manager.


Third party special interest groups have frequently placed exceptionally negative ads designed to mislead local voters.  In 2012, over $4 mil. was spent by third party groups attacking former Gov. Ben Cayetano and lying about his record.  Similarly, the mainland special interest group, has already stated they would be playing a role in the General Election in Hawaii. In past elections, VoteVets launched misleading attack ads that were characterized as “false” and “nasty” by VoteVets supports “progressive” Democrats and has a long record of spending money against veterans, who have served our country honorably such as Arizona Sen. John McCain and Iowa State Senator Joni Ernst.

Djou represented Hawaii’s 1st Congressional District from 2010 to 2011.  Djou is a combat veteran who served with the 10th Mountain Infantry Division in Afghanistan from 2011 to 2012.





  1. We have a local conduit for those who have topped out and wish to help Djou with counter to negative ads. It is called US Jobs Council -and will be open to take contributions soon. We need local ads to be for Charles and stop the DC Black Money about to hit the airwaves. Our commitment to being a local source is in the threat of both unions and Washington attacking him soon.

  2. Although it should be family oriented views, Mr. Katzenburg, head of the movie studio, Dreamworks is the answer to who are the major democratic sponsors, finding out how the money were actually spent seems the hardest at this point though.
    Also; Djou leads Takai by slim margin in new Civil Beat poll

    Read more:

  3. Why shouldn't Charles Djou want to end the mainland pac attack ads? His ads on local television are too numerous to have been paid for with local funds. His ads are also misleading. They do not mention that he is a Republican, and go out of their way to use as much blue as possible in the closing upper left where the traditional party logo would be, making the uniformed think that he's a Democrat. He doesn't talk much about what he has to offer, except to say that he wants to reach across the aisle in congress and fix the broken system. I have great difficulty believing that, since he's a staunch Republican, who believes in the Republican platform. That means NOT reaching across the aisle and fixing what's broken, but getting as many Republicans elected as possible to have a big enough majority, not to ever have to work with the Democrats, but to be able to pass legislation that's in step with the Republican platform by a majority of votes. Djou might get elected by avoiding saying that he's a Republican, and that he's for everything that party now stands for.

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