Judicial Watch: DOJ sends secret “peacekeepers” where Trayvon Martin was killed

Treyvon Martin
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Treyvon Martin

REPORT FROM JUDICIAL WATCH– Judicial Watch, Inc. on April 24, 2012 launched an investigation into the Trayvon Martin case based on reports that the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) had sent a secret team of “peacekeepers” to Sanflord, Florida, where Martin was shot on February 26, 2012 after wandering in a gated community after dark.  George Zimmerman, a resident of the community and its neighborhood watch captain, is currently on trial for Martin’s death though he maintains he acted in self-defense.Records obtained by Judicial Watch in response to local, state and federal public records requests show that the so-called peacekeepers are part of a large and growing division within DOJ called the Community Relations Service (CRS).  Though CRS purports to spot and quell racial tensions nationwide before they arise, the documents obtained by Judicial Watch show the group actively worked to foment unrest, spending thousands of taxpayer dollars on travel and hotel rooms to train protestors throughout Florida.  The peacekeepers also met with officials of the Republican National Convention, scheduled for several months later in Tampa, to warn them to expect protests in connection with Martin’s death.

  • CRS employee spent $1,142.84 to travel to Sanford, Florida from March 25-28, 2012 “to work marches, demonstrations, and rallies”;
  • CRS employee spent $751.60 to travel to Sanford, Florida from March 30-April 1, 2012 “to provide technical assistance to the City of Sanford, event organizers, and law enforcement agencies for the march and rally on March 31”;
  • CRS employee spent $1,307.40 to travel to Sanford, Florida from April 3-12, 2012 “to provide technical assistance, conciliation, and onsite mediation during demonstrations planned in Sanford”;
  • CRS employee spent $672.24 to travel to Tampa, Florida from April 18-20, 2012 “to meet with RNC official related to possible protests and demonstrations during the RNC”

In response to a Florida Sunshine Law request to the City of Sanford, Judicial Watch also obtained an audio recording of a “community meeting” held at Second Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church in Sanford on April 19, 2012.  The meeting, which opens with a gospel hymn and organ music, is reported to have led to the official ouster of Sanford’s Police Chief Bill Lee.  A week earlier, a group calling themselves the “Dream Defenders” had barricaded the entrance to the police department demanding he be fired for failing to file murder charges against Zimmerman.  The church meeting produced a nine-point plan, the main demand being the firing of Chief Lee.


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  1. One must ask why an event that happened on February 26 (2012) suddenly came out of nowhere and became headline news on Monday, March 19 and the DOJ rushing to the scene on March 25th to agitate the situation.
    Perhaps the answer is that on Friday, March 16th at 5PM with as little notice as possible a shocking and stunning
    executive order called "National Defense Resource Preparedness" was released from the White House.
    This Executive Order gives Obama the ability to assign Presidential authority to anyone, over anything, in peace time, for national defense, in national emergencies or non-emergencies. Was the Martin-Zimmerman story chosen and packaged to be made so big as to help bury what happened Friday, March 16, 2012?

    • Yes, yes it was. And next they are coming to assess your birth control methods, and throw your grandma off the cliff, count your weapons, and leave you a receipt for those that are unapproved, or arrest you if you have any Planned Parenthood literature…

  2. Why is all news media showing old pictures of Martin. How about showing the real martin pictures with all his tats. In my pinion this guy Martin was a thug.

    • I made the same comment on a different story. Why not use the pic he posted of himself on Twitter?

      • By showing the pic of Martin when he was about twelve helps to convey the image that he's just a kid on the way home from buying candy, when in actuality Martin was a junior, feral, hoodrat who previously punched out a metro bus driver, (felony). Skittles, Arizona iced tea, and codeine cough syrup is a ghetto concoction known as purple lean, or drang. Guaranteed to get your head bad, gnomesayin?
        With an all female jury, and a hostile judge, Zimm will probably be convicted of something. Remember the OJ jury? Kinda looks like the "peace keepers" nor Jesse and Al Sharlatan are at all interested in the Marquise Elkins trial in Georgia involving the mugging of a mother and point blank shot in the face of a toddler in the stroller, but that was black on white murder. Nothing to see here, just move on.

      • Zimm should be found guilty just to assuage for the racism you exuded in this post. As an object lesson like for little kids. Sometimes with immature people such as yourself the whole calss has to be punished to get everyone on the same page…

  3. Let’s accept Zimmerman’s version that Martin was a troublemaker, that he was up to no good when he spotted him, that Martin got into fights, that he had marijuana in his system, and that he was a 6.2 aggressive teen — not a twelve year old helpless boy.
    This still leaves us with the burden of explaining those heart retching screams — loud enough to be captured on the neighbor’s 911 call.
    Zimmerman said elsewhere that the screams are from him because he was being pummeled by the unexpectedly aggressive Martin. The jury certainly has sufficient evidence of Martin’s aggressiveness, even though Zimmerman did not testify or give us an opportunity to probe further.
    Yet, this being the case that we have, we ought to look further at what is reasonable — how likely is that things happened the way Zimmerman says they did?
    Is it likely for a man to cry for help when he is on the ground with someone sitting on him and punching repeatedly? Might he be too busy dealing with this to have an opportunity to cry for help — in that way that we hear it on the 911 call? Yet, he could have done just that afterwards, or in between bouts.
    The 911 recording we have, however, only captures the tail end of the fight. What we hear are not the ordinary screams of a man getting punched, pummeled or pounded. Rather, they are the pleas for help by someone who is not only in grave danger, but a danger that he knows and appreciates. Indeed, the cries are of such desperation that they pierce the coldest of hearts.
    Zimmerman says that it was he who was screaming and we want to believe him. We should give him the benefit of all reasonable doubt because our system of justice prefers that ten guilty men go free rather than one innocent be found guilty. Moreover, Zimmerman’s version is plausible if Martin was prying the gun away from him. Indeed, let’s assume that Martin had grabbed the gun and was about to shoot Zimmerman. Does this fit with what we hear on the recorded 911 call?
    Does it fit with the lack of any physical evidence of Martin’s DNA on Zimmerman’s gun? There should have been some, even if Martin had just touched it, let alone grabbed it, or struggled for it. Indeed, we might expect that a struggle for control would have left a heavier DNA imprint. Yet, it left none.
    Still, let’s disregard this lack of Martin’s physical evidence on the gun and again give Zimmerman, the benefit of reasonable doubt — the kind we give to our most important affairs.
    Is there anything else that get’s in the way with Zimmerman’s version of what happened?
    What about silence, the dead silence that we hear after the shot? Does it tell us anything? If Zimmerman was the one crying for help that eerie silence is odd. We might expect the cries to be interrupted by the struggle of the fight, or for the gun. Yet, they are steady and relentless all the way to the end when the shot is heard. Such a steady tempo does not indicate a struggle or a pounding on the pavement.
    Those repeating howls are more from someone who is being held at gun point; someone who has felt the hard steel of a gun in his side; someone who is told in no uncertain terms that he is about to die — and believes it.
    If this is how things happened, then the person who fired the gun had a depraved heart because he heard the pleas for mercy by another human being, but ignored them. A conviction for murder is thus in order.
    And we can arrive at this conclusion by giving Zimmerman all the benefit of the doubt — except what is not supported by the physical evidence and by common sense.

  4. What difference does it make if he had tattoos or not? He;s a young man that was brutally killed which is not okay no matter what music he liked or what appearance he had. i;m sorry I posted this comment here, but I was unable to reply to the one that got me to post this.

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