Dr. Susott: A kind and generous man

Daniel Susott, MD
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Daniel Susott, MD
Daniel Susott, MD

BY LISA KEALA CARTER – After reading your article in “Hawaii Reporter” about Dr. Daniel Susott, better known to his patients as “Dr. Danny”, I was taken aback at its sensationalism and misrepresentation.

Danny Susott is my dear friend and I am sending this letter to your editors to defend him. Dr. Danny has shown me buckets full of kindnesses as his generous nature could only allow.


I am outraged at your lack of journalistic integrity as you’re contributing to the downfall of the reputation of a beautiful human being. He has no malicious intentions, as he possesses a truly humanitarian nature with a good heart. He is a spiritual, God-fearing man who wishes only goodwill toward all.

You could’ve reported the exact same facts, that you somehow uncovered by digging in the files, in a neutral manner but you chose not to.

If his greedy, estranged brother (is it Paul or John?) wants to misuse the court system by ruining his brother’s life with exaggerated and unfounded allegations about things that he heard second or third hand then why would the “Hawaii Reporter” help his ruthless tactics by getting involved and reporting these allegations in the article ad nauseum? Since when did you start involving yourself with family brawls?

Dr. Danny is a sweetheart to everyone who knows him (and doesn’t have a personal vendetta to ruin his life, that is.) His friends love his wit, his eccentricities, his creative nature, and his fabulous treehouse (to which I’ve contributed bamboo poles to help create some of the pathways.) Bottom line: He doesn’t deserve the bad press.






  1. Malia, where is that letter I sent you a few weeks ago? You promised. Did you lie? daniel Campbell susott, md, mph

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