Dreaming of Better State Facilities

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After reading Russ Saito’s oped – “Time Out!” – on why we need to keep the Aloha Stadium, I came up with a plan for our state faciities.

How about this….


We build a new stadium/sports complex some place out near the new West Hawaii University. Some huge area with 5 times more parking than we have at Aloha Stadium.

If the new stadium is near the new rail line….. all that parking could be used as a Park & Ride.

We also know the state won’t have enough parking at the new university…. so the stadium could handle the overflow. ( run little Wiki Wike bus things all day long like at Disneyland …. think more state jobs)

Now, Aloha Stadium. I already heard one company offered $100,000 dollars just to demolish the stadium. No cost there.

Since we have to keep the land in the government family……… Build A New Capitol Building. One with lots of parking and elevators with normal speed. Design it like a shopping center….. parking all around and well laid out office space. More meeting rooms. A food court. (say…. that would make a good design for the new West Hawaii University too)

Sorry, guess I was just dreaming.

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