Duke Aiona Delivers Open Letter Challenging Opponent to Debates

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FRIENDS OF DUKE AIONA – The Duke Aiona for Governor campaign hand-delivered a letter signed by Lt. Governor Duke Aiona, formally challenging his opponent in the general election for Governor to a series of six in-depth debates in the weeks leading up to Election Day.

On Monday, Lt. Governor Aiona held a news conference at his O‘ahu headquarters to challenge the former Congressman to the series of debates.


“I believe in the people of Hawai‘i and our collective ability to solve the big challenges facing our state, for it is only through an active and engaged public that we will improve the quality of life in these islands,” wrote Lt. Governor Aiona. “For this reason, it is critical that we move past sound bites and offer real solutions. I’m ready to debate right now, and I’m ready to begin the series of debates this Friday, September 24.”

The hour-long, moderated debates will focus on a specific issue each week: jobs and the economy; education; state budget and spending; Native Hawaiian issues; health and human services; and energy.

“By debating each important issue for an extended period of time, our residents will get to see how each of us will govern, so they can make an informed decision in the general election,” added Lt. Governor Aiona. “All you have to do is say “yes.””

Click here to view a copy of the original letter and enclosed debate schedule.

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