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Whether you love Tabasco, Japanese togarashi or spicy Thai chili, prepare yourself for this month’s Eat the Street! Join the festivities at the monthly food truck festival’s spicy-themed night on Friday, July 27 from 4-9 p.m. at 555 South St. in Kaka’ako.

Brought to you by StreetGrindz.com, in partnership with Kamehameha Schools and Nonstop Honolulu, this month’s culinary adventure features everything spicy. We’re talking spicy appetizers, spicy entrees and spicy desserts that will blow you away… or just make you breathe fire! All the vendors are encouraged to incorporate something spicy into at least one of their dishes in a creative way.


Plus, for those who don’t mind getting a little messy, there’s a BBQ ribs eating contest, sponsored by Five-O Ribs and the Kings of Kaukau. Don’t forget to stop by the Streetgrindz tent for a free wet-nap or three.

Shogunai’s DJ crew is back, spinning great beats to dine to, while Lightsleepers hosts the monthly live art battle.

Join us for a very spicy Eat the Street on Friday, July 27 at 555 South St. from 4-9 p.m. Admission to Eat the Street is FREE. Past events have brought crowds of thousands to Eat the Street, which features more than 40 of the best food trucks and street vendors in Honolulu.

Eat the Street hosts food truck rallies on the last Friday of every month, featuring a diverse range of food vendors. For more information on Eat the Street, please visit www.streetgrindz.com, or follow Street Grindz on Facebook or on Twitter at @streetgrindz. For more information, call 808-780-9288.

Submitted by StreetGrindz.com, a resource to Hawaii’s residents and guests who are looking for a colorful and eclectic alternative to the food scene here in the islands.  We host large and small food truck events, the most widely known of which is Eat the Street.  We also assist organizers, businesses and schools in booking events and catering needs.  We provide a social media connection between the vendors and their customers, offering location and menu information daily by way of Twitter.  At StreetGrindz.com, we believe that Hawaii’s mobile food industry is an untapped dining experience that both locals and tourists alike can enjoy discovering, and we want to be at the forefront of sharing that with everyone.