Energy is the most serious problem facing Hawaii

Gov. Neil Abercrombie
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Gov. Neil Abercrombie

BY ED WAGNER – Energy is the most serious problem facing Hawaii and Gov. Neil Abercrombie has done absolutely nothing to solve the problem. He lied to us about implementing a grandiose energy policy, including an energy authority and did absolutely nothing to move our economy forward.

Anything he claims to have done was a drop in the ocean compared to what he should have done.
Where is his energy policy? It was removed from his website before he began his new campaign.
Why should anyone in this state believe anything he says?
Politicians tell the people what they want to hear just to get votes and then do what they planned to do all along once elected.
We are close ( end of July or early August ) to filing our class action lawsuit in an effort to put an end to the Wolf ( Fox ) Electric Industries monopoly that has usurped the authority and power of our government, and Mr. Abercrombie will have to suffer the consequences of his inaction. He was just the lesser of 2 evils when elected. When are you going to remove the blinders and open your eyes to the truth?
How much money (“bribes”) has flowed in from the electric utility and utility related pacs? What did Larry Ellison get in return for his $5,000 “bribe” to Mr. Abercrombie on Dec. 20, 2012?
I have over 120 pages of comments from the 3,500+ petition signers from just this 1 of 3 petitions totaling over 5,000.
Hawaii’s economy will not move forward until ALL monopolies are run out of town, including our shipping monopoly protected by the Jones Act of 1920.
Momentum is growing in leaps and bounds,  moving toward critical mass to end the Jones Act.
Both Brian Schatz and Mr. Abercrombie support ALL monopolies and the continued fleecing and financial raping of the people by those monopolies.
Businesses and families will continue to be destroyed until these monopolies are run out of town.

It is time to get someone else to do the job on the fifth floor.

Maybe Colleen Hanabusa will change her mind about running against Brian Schatz and choose to run for Governor. Her local office is included on this email message.
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  1. That's the kind of people we need to keep away from any office. He has done a lot of damage and now some one else will have to clean up after him.

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