Epic Talent LLC Principal Flees to … Paris, France?

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Sean Barriero

BY MALIA ZIMMERMAN – Sean Barriero, a principal in the Miami, Florida-based organization Epic Talent LLC, who claimed he could organize a Stevie Wonder concert at the University of Hawaii, but disappeared with the University’s $200,000 deposit after the real Stevie Wonder agent contacted the school, may be on the run.

According to his Facebook page, Barriero claims he left Miami, Florida, and is working in Paris, France.  On his Facebook page, he also replaced his headshot with a photo of the 007 movie, Skyfall, and another entry that includes a cartoon about being under FBI surveillance.


Barriero is one of three principals in Epic Talent LLC who may know where the missing $200,000 deposit is.

Account Executive Sannise “Sunny” Crosby and UK Account Executive J. Spencer are also listed as working for the company. Crosby is Barriero’s fiance, according to her Facebook page, where she shows her engagement ring from Barriero.

Sannise Crosby

The company bills itself as the agent for America’s top pop stars including Beyonce, Prince, Jay Z and Kanye West. But on its web site, Epic Talent LLC no longer claims it represents Stevie Wonder, a change from just weeks ago.

Hawaii Reporter was in Florida for several days last week up until Monday, October 1, and there discovered Epic Talent LLC has no worldwide headquarters where the nation’s top talent is supposedly represented. In fact, the headquarters is just a mailbox.

Barriero is affiliated with a number of businesses, in addition to Epic Talent, in Florida, which operate out of homes in Miami Gardens or from mailbox drops.

One of his businesses, CTN-J Investments, has many of the same principals and uses the same phone number as a coffin distributor in Miami.

Barriero also runs an auto parts export business called Barriero Export Caribbean Corporation, from his home.

Hawaii Reporter visited the home of Crosby at 18800 NW 29th Street in Miami Gardens, Florida, where she also claims to run a painting business with her father, Gamal Crosby, called Divine Painting.  Her house is in a dilapidated suburb outside Miami where many of the homes are wrapped with bars on their windows and doors.  Crosby’s home and Barriero’s home are five miles apart.

Hawaii Reporter contacted Crosby by phone while at her home with the help of her uncle. She confirmed there is no headquarters for Epic Talent and it operates exclusively from a mailbox.

Sean Barriero posts a joke about FBI surveillance on his Facebook page

The FBI continues to look for the missing money, and the Hawaii State Senate held two hearings to determine what management and fiscal practices led to the University of Hawaii being defrauded so easily.

The investigation reportedly spans from Florida to North Carolina and now, possibly out of the country … that is if Barriero has truly fled Miami for Paris, France.


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