Eugene Tiwanak Leads A Group Offering To Buy St. Francis Hospitals

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Former St. Francis Healthcare executive Eugene Tiwanak and Hampton Health, Ltd., Hawaii LLC, a California-based medical group, have submitted a letter of intent to acquire the Ewa and Liliha hospitals from St. Francis Healthcare System of Hawaii.

Hampton Health Ltd., which was founded by Dr. John H. Fullerton and is headquartered in San Francisco, CA, is partnering with Eugene Tiwanak, the former president and chief executive officer of the St. Francis Healthcare Foundation and St. Francis Residential Care Community. Hampton Health Ltd., Hawaii LLC has obtained the necessary financing from investors in order acquire both St. Francis Medical Center West in Ewa and St. Francis East in Liliha.


The former Hawaii Medical Center in Ewa was shut down in December 2011 after its owners declared bankruptcy. The group also owned part of the former St. Francis Hospital in Liliha, which is also closed. St. Francis Healthcare System, which owns the land under the Ewa and Liliha campuses, as well as the now shuttered buildings, will make the final decision on the future of both campuses.

“I have worked in many capacities for the Sisters of St. Francis since 1973, including planning, raising funds, administration and community outreach,” said Eugene Tiwanak. “It would be a privilege to guide these healthcare institutions as Chief Executive Officer if we can reach agreement with St. Francis Healthcare System.”

Tiwanak said Hampton Health Ltd., Hawaii LLC intends to meet the Roman Catholic Church’s Ethical and Religious Directives (ERD) for healthcare services in operating both facilities. “Hampton Health will continue to operate the hospitals under the beliefs of the Catholic Church,” said Tiwanak.

“Hampton Health and Dr. Fullerton have an outstanding record of developing successful and creative health care programs and services, based in hospitals, clinics, the community and in homes.  Their best practices models of healthcare, and substantial financial resources, will allow us to provide quality care at both the ‘East’ and ‘West’ facilities,” said Tiwanak. He said Hampton Health Ltd. believes the ‘East’ facility, on Liliha Street, should provide geriatric services, while the ‘West’ hospital in Ewa would reopen as a comprehensive hospital and health care center, including an emergency room.

Hampton Health would expand medical services and programs, particularly at the Ewa hospital. Tiwanak emphasized that Hampton Health was interested in partnering with Hawaii-based medical service providers.

The letter of agreement was hand-delivered on May 15, 2012 and the price offered remains confidential. Tiwanak said Hampton Health Ltd., Hawaii LLC is interested in acquiring the fee interest in both campuses, but would also be open to discussing a long-term lease acquisition. For more information on Hampton Health, Ltd. visit


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