Exclusive Hawaii Interview with Lord Monckton, ‘High Priest’ of Climate Skepticism

Lord Monckton
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Lord Monckton

BY MALIA ZIMMERMAN – Christopher Walter Monckton, 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, known as the “high priest” of climate skepticism, is in Hawaii this week.

“Lord Monckton”, as he is referred to, will be speaking at a Friday evening fundraiser at Pinky’s Restaurant in Kailua for U.S. Senate Candidate John Carroll, who he calls the “only true Republican” in the race. (He referred to former Gov. Linda Lingle, who is challenging Carroll in the primary, as a “RINO” or Republican in Name only).


Monckton, a science policy advisor to former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, is known in America for taking on former Vice President Al Gore’s Global Warming claims.

“I have been going around the world telling people not to worry about global warming. It is not as much of a problem as the usual suspects say,” he told Hawaii Reporter in an exclusive video interview today. (see the whole 9 minute interview here)

Monkton began investigating global warming claims in 1986. One of his most controversial investigations was into man-made global warming claims by former Vice President Al Gore and former U.S. Senator John Kerry. He challenged them both to a debate on their claims, but they never accepted.

He calls Al Gore’s movie, an Inconvenient Truth, a “scifi, comedy, horror movie” that Al Gore doesn’t believe himself. As proof, Monckton noted while Gore claimed sea levels were “going to rise by 20 feet imminently”, Gore had just bought a $4 million condo at Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco, just feet from the ocean, which most certainly would have been impacted by such a dramatic increase.

“He himself does not believe a word he says,” Monckton said about Gore’s man-made global warming claims. “It is simply a way of making a fortune.”

Monckton maintains global warming may happen, but if it does, it is ”small, harmless, and beneficial.”

He also uncovered evidence that a well-financed group of scientists, politicians and bureaucrats worked together to manipulate data and results to exaggerate so called evidence of man-made global warming, and he maintains the “Climategate emails” confirmed his suspicions.

“First of all, very little of coast line is not at sea level, Hawaii could adjust very easily, 1 foot 5 inches over the coming century

According to a speakers’ biography, Lord Monckton reviewed the dangers of fake science: “if foreign powers implacably hostile to the free-market, democratic, prosperous West wish to destroy our capacity to defend ourselves they have only to infiltrate our environmental movement, fund it, and steer it towards persuading us to dismantle our economies from within, in the specious name of ‘Saving The Planet.’”

Monkton’s career is extensive and diverse: He has been newspaper editor, and has worked for The Universe, The Sunday Telegraph, Today and Evening Standard. He’s also had a career in politics, serving in the Conservative Central Office, in Margaret Thatcher‘s Number 10 Policy Unit. In November 2010, he took over as the Head of Policy Unit for the UK Independence Party. He is also a scientist and mathematical expert.

He also is known for inventing a “near-impossible 256-piece jigsaw,” which he called Eternity II, and he offered a $2 million prize for the first person to solve it. No one has. Eternity, his first puzzle, was voted in Australia as Puzzle of the Year.