Family Relocates Saying Because of Healthcare Crisis, it is No Longer Safe to Live on Maui

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On Christmas Day 2004, a mother of a 16-month-old boy who was 6-months pregnant with her second child was MedEvaced to Honolulu’s Kapi’olani Hospital after waiting for 5.5 hours in a room at Maui Memorial Medical Center, the only hospital on Maui.

That mother is my wife Helene, and that boy, now 3-years old, is our son Duke Keaweokalani Fagan.


My wife’s symptom was pregnancy-related “leakage”.

After three days’ stay at Kapi’olani she was released and carried our second son, James Livingston Fagan, to term with a healthful C-Section delivery the following 5th of April.

Duke needed to be left on Maui while I, his father, was prevented from flying with my wife on the Air Ambulance. I needed to return to our Hana home, park the car, and prepare for what we were told might be a stay on O’ahu for a projected two and one-half months because of a “no allowance for air travel until after our second son’s birth.. “

After that experience, we found it no longer viable to live safely on Maui and moved to a place where health care is available to all at the very highest standards.

Maui needs a second hospital so its residents don’t need to leave to be safe and healthy.

”’For more information on what Maui needs, see “Rescuing Maui From a Healthcare Crisis” by Dave Parrish.”’

”’Paul Fagan can be reached via email at”’