Federal Aid May Be On the Way for Honolulu Harbor Clean Up after 224,000 Gallon Molasses Spill

U.S. Senator Brian Schatz
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U.S. Senator Brian Schatz

Today, Senator Brian Schatz announced that he is in contact with federal agencies to aid the State response to the spill of an estimated 224,000 gallons of molasses on Sunday, September 8, 2013.

Since the molasses spill, hundreds of fish have died, and its long term impacts on fish and other marine life are uncertain.


“Today I have contacted state officials and federal officials at NOAA, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Army Corps of Engineers to get briefed on the situation and to ensure that all appropriate federal resources and expertise are focused on this spill,” said Senator Brian Schatz.

“We must take swift action in order to minimize harm to our oceans and natural resources.”






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  2. Just words Brian, until this Federal help is to prosecute Matson, this PR stunt of yours is empty.
    Propose a law/regulation deducting expenses from CEO's pay. CEO's will not miss a few million from those huge salaries plus benefits/parachutes/stock options.
    Neil should use the special session FOR THIS instead of you know what.
    Maybe this will wake the legislatures & ceos up to spend a few lunch hours actually outside to see what they paying for instead of fancy hotels/resturants & boardrooms?

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