Federal Indian Policy: Threats to Hawaii and the Nation at Large

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The Grassroot Institute of Hawaii is proud to announce the online release of the first edition of the Hawaii Journal of Public Policy. The title of this quarter’s inaugural journal is “Federal Indian Policy: Threats to Hawaii and the Nation at Large”.

The Hawaii Journal of Public Policy is a journal of review articles, commentary and analysis regarding all  aspects of state and local government. The journal’s focus is primarily related to national and statewide issues
that have a current or future impact on the state of Hawaii. The mission of the Hawaii Journal of Public Policy is to stimulate research on state politics and policy and to provide an institutional framework for development of a free-market research agenda in the field. The journal seeks to inform policy makers, the media, academic researchers, and those who are interested in public policy of ideas that will help transform public policy debate in Hawaii.


The Journal is the brainchild of Paul Harleman, executive assistant to the President at GRIH, who oversaw the layout and publishing of the Journal. Cody Hensarling served as the content editor for this edition.

Hawaii Journal of Public Policy #1

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