Federal Tax Code Micro-manages Economy

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The IRS Tax Code (26 USC) is used to micromanage the economy it uses a small tax base and burdens the middle class with the lions share of taxes. There is a proposal that will broaden the tax base to the maximum thereby allowing for a minimum tax rate. The average tax payer must work over four months to meet their tax obligation to the federal, state and local tax collectors. This proposal uses the concept of the Tobin Tax but expands it to include all transactions having a monetary value. It would raise revenues from those who have not been paying a fair share or no taxes at all such as Enron, WorldCom and a host of others who have sales and cash flows in the billions and use the legal loopholes in the Tax Code to escape any obligation. This concept will derive revenues from the top echelon and would raise enough revenues to eliminate all other tax systems with a Single Tax. This is the proposal on the URL https://www.taxmoney-notpeople.com ”Paul R. Bottis Sr. is a resident of Worcester, MA and can be reached via email at:” mailto:pbottissr@aol.com