the Fidget Spinner craze is sweeping Hawaii. What is it?

Hawaii Fidget Spinner craze
Hawaii kids playing with Fidget Spinners at windward mall.

In 2016 the kids were bottle flipping. But that is SO over. It is 2017, and the latest thing is Fidget Spinning.

Fidget spinners is a toy, similar to a top, with two or three prongs that is spun between the thumb and middle finger. They are affordable and very simple to use and have ball bearings that can keep them spinning longer. Kids trade them and do tricks with them including passing, and spinning on surfaces from tables to faces.


However, the claim by manufacturers and distributors like Amazon is that they are not a toy but a therapy tool to reduce stress for ADD, ADHD kids and adults, by helping them focus on tasks.

Some educators and mental health professionals have agreed that clicking a pen or playing with a coin while thinking is calming and can help them concentrate.

But fidget spinners are now so popular, teachers are having to ban them because it is becoming distracting to other students.

“They are very helpful to kids who do need them but teachers must establish ground rules.  Like only allowing them during instructional times, and they need to be discreet while using them.”

The fidget spinner was patented in 1997, by Catherine A. Hettinger. When the patent expired, manufacturers all over the world started making spinners of all shapes and sizes.

“This reminds me of the POG days!” said a mall shopper. “All the keiki have them, they are everywhere.”

Colton from the Animation Magic store at Windward Mall said in the past few weeks since they started selling them they have sold hundreds, even up to 100 a day on weekends.

The cost for fidget spinners are $7.99 – $24.99.

The latest trend. #fidgetspinner #kids

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